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FAT (Arts & Fashion Week) Countdown: Gardé Del Avante
Friday, April 20, 2012 10:17 AM  | 0 Comments
We're in the final strides to the start of Arts and Fashion Week (April 24-28). We can't believe it's already happening next week! Jewellery designer, Gardé Del Avante, showcases for the second year in a row, and it'll be a solo presentation this time around. We get a glimpse at what to expect for her show at FAT. Read our previous feature with INNA, here.

Gardé Del Avante

Runway: April 27th (FUTUREscapes)


Ukamaku: How does FAT differ from any other fashion shows you’ve shown at (e.g. Boston Fashion Week)?

Gardé Del Avante: Well, for starters, FAT marks the very first fashion show ever, whereby Gardé Del Avante will be showcased as a solo act in Toronto. Besides my collaboration with Rachel Sin last year, my participation this year will mark as my first time ever, debuting my artwork in Toronto as a solo act on a magnitude of this level. Furthermore, what I love about FAT and believes separates it from most fashion shows, is that it allows designers such as myself to be fearless. Going into FAT, it’s kind of expected that the designs you will be seeing on the runway, for the most part, will have a “non-traditional” or avant garde approach to its design aesthetic. FAT to me, embodies similar belief systems that are important to me, and most importantly, to my brand…that is, “dare to be different”.

U: We saw you collaborate with Rachel Sin on the runway last year, how was that?

GDA: It was such a great opportunity and honour working alongside Rachel Sin, who is such a great designer/talent.

U: Without giving away too much, what can we expect to see at FAT?

GDA: This year’s Haute Couture Collection entitled, KSI, will be entirely new, which will be making its official debut at FAT. This collection is very promising, as it shows a lot of growth on my end as an up and coming designer.

U: This year’s theme is fashionSCAPES, which mirrors the notion of landscapes, with four distinct sub-groups (land, city, body, and future). How does your collection reflect FUTURE?

GDA: Well, to begin – anyone who is familiar with my brand/aesthetic, knows that Gardé Del Avante’s ultimate goal is to always go against the grain and create thought-provoking creations, which inevitably challenge the wearer to reconsider what is traditionally considered, the “norm”. Having said that, when one strives to be different, it inevitably propels this idea of forward thinking. The KSI collection specifically takes elements of traditional ways of assembling African inspired jewelry, but fuses it with new applications and materials, which transcends from a very unique point of view. Our abstract, left winged, dare to be different approach, is what keeps us ahead.

U: How will this year’s show differ from last year’s in terms of preparing and putting on a show?

GDA: This time around, I have full creative control, which is so important when trying to create and build a brand, as well as a name for yourself. Opposed to last year, now every choice/decision I make, falls on me. There is no deliberation, just me.

U: What is the inspiration behind the collection?

GDA: Ghana, as KSI, short for Kumasi (a city in Ghana, Africa) pays homage to my Ghanaian roots – but from a futuristic point of view. Being raised in a very traditional Ghanaian household, I wanted to merge both worlds that have been such a major influence on this new collection; tradition and evolution.

U: When will the collection be available?

GDA: The 2012 Signature collection entitled, Ashanti, is the ready to wear collection, which will be available for purchase in May.


Tickets and passes can be purchased online at

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Gardé Del Avante: Pink Blossom Ring
Wednesday, January 11, 2012 11:10 AM  | 0 Comments
As part of the GDA Trend & Classic Collection (there are two distinct "trend" and "classic" looks), the Pink Blossom Ring by Gardé Del Avante is a mix of playfulness and boldness. This "trend" (a more street appeal line) piece adds a little colour so you can play around and accessorize with different looks. The base of the ring is comprised of metallic elements and crystal detailing. Be daring and edgy with this Pink Blossom Ring.

Available for purchase here, including other pieces from the GDA Trend & Classic line.

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The GDA Collection by Gardé Del Avante
Monday, October 3, 2011 11:06 AM  | 0 Comments
Gardé Del Avante presents the GDA Collection, a new collection of four stylish bracelets. Each bracelet is made with semi-precious stones, metallic elements and crystal detailing. Yet, each piece conveys their own personal style and touch. Accessorize with any outfit with four styles to choose from. But we love every one of them. Which piece suits your style?

Click here to purchase the new collection.

Fool's Gold Bracelet (GDA Collection)

Masquerade Bracelet (GDA Collection)

Monster Bracelet (GDA Collection)

GaGa Bracelet (GDA Collection)

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More arrivals from Gardé Del Avante: Rings
Monday, May 30, 2011 11:10 AM  | 0 Comments
Gardé Del Avante has added more designs to her collection online. This time, we get a variety of rings. These over-sized rings consist of eye-catching designs in various forms -- crucifix, eagle's wing, blossom, skull, and more. We especially love the Sway Ring -- featured on the |FAT| runway this year -- which has two metallic feathers with crystal detailing. They also come in four different colour combinations.

Pick up your own Gardé Del Avante rings here.

Sway Ring

Blossom Ring

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New Arrivals from Gardé Del Avante
Wednesday, May 25, 2011 12:08 PM  | 0 Comments
These new arrivals from Gardé Del Avante features plenty of skull designs, which have been added to an already existing bold collection. From the skull Monster Earrings to the Bubble Gum Necklace comprising of skull-shaped beads, the latest arrivals will definitely set you apart and "daring you to be different". Accessorize and be fierce with these standouts, with product availability limited to a few pieces only.

You can purchase these new items here.

Monster Earrings

Hard Candi Necklace

Feather Bone Earring

Bubble Gum Necklace

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Day 3: |FAT| Toronto Alternative Fashion Week
Monday, May 2, 2011 10:42 AM  | 0 Comments
Fashion/Unfashion was the theme of |FAT| on Thursday night, and this also marked the last day of Ukamaku designers showcasing their collections on the runway. The designers included Rachel Sin, Breeyn McCarney, Heidi Ackerman and jewelry brand Gardé Del Avante. Other than the clothes, the night was filled with wood, paper (yes, paper), and metal accessories.

Rachel Sin kicked off the night with a collaboration with Gardé Del Avante. This was an interesting runway show because we never expected to blend the softness from Rachel Sin's collection with the hard metal accessories from Gardé Del Avante. Rachel's collection may look very simple at first sight, but loved the details and cuttings of each piece, especially the zip-up leather jacket. As for Gardé Del Avante, the big statement pieces were amazing, and this collection gave an edge to the outfits on the runway. This show was a good way to start off the night!

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