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CITYscapes - FAT (Arts & Fashion Week) 2012: Rachel Sin, DeMOYO, Woudenberg, Inna
Friday, April 27, 2012 11:57 AM  | 0 Comments

Rachel Sin

Fur and lace were two new elements introduced in Rachel Sin’s F/W collection, and they made the collection very sexy. The pieces continued to be very structured with a flare of edginess. Everything was highly wearable, so keep an eye on Ukamaku for the arrival of Sin’s F/W collection.

View the entire runway collection, here.



Pai DeMoyo presented a very solid F/W collection. One of the highlights was the debut of knitwear, and they were very feminine and wearable. Another big surprise was seeing ROXX’s “Khione Collection” jewellery pieces on the models. These two brands definitely make a perfect match for each other in the up coming season.

View the entire runway collection, here.



Emily Woudenberg, the winner of 2012 Passion For Fashion Award, presented a funky and fun F/W collection, which consisted of retro RYB colour print pieces and some amazing beetle jewellery collection. The crowd was raving for the jewellery pieces, so keep an eye on Ukamaku and see when they will be available.

View the entire runway collection, here.


The mother-son duo presented a mix of S/S and F/W pieces on the runway. While the S/S collection had a fun and futuristic vibe, the F/W one was darker and elegant. The orange coat was one of the strongest pieces in this runway show.

View the entire runway collection, here.


*All photos courtesy of FAT (Arts & Fashion Week)

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FAT (Arts & Fashion Week) Countdown: INNA
Thursday, April 19, 2012 10:34 AM  | 0 Comments
Today we feature a designer duo, whose label (INNA) will make their first appearance at Arts & Fashion Week (April 24-28). They've already launched their latest S/S 2012 collection, which is now available online. Read our previous feature with Emily Wooudenberg, here.


Runway: April 25th (CITYscapes)

*Promo image, not to be used without permission


Ukamaku: This will mark your first appearance at FAT, what are your thoughts?

INNA: We are very excited to be able to participate in such an established Toronto event for the first time. it's great to be involved, not just in a fashion show, but as part of a collective of artists, photographers, and film makers.

U: Will FAT be your first runway show?

I: We have done a couple of smaller runway shows, including the recent Feed The Children fundraiser put on by Raise The Rhythm, but this is our first official show where we unveil a completely new line, along with some current favourites.

U: Without giving away too much, what can we expect to see at FAT?

I: We don't want to reveal too much, but you can expect to see our minimalist, signature style, done with luxury fabrics to add a high-end aesthetic. There is even a surprise in store we’ve been working on just for FAT, but that’s all we will reveal for now.

U: This year’s theme is fashionSCAPES, which mirrors the notion of landscapes, with four distinct sub-groups (land, city, body, and future). How does your collection reflect CITY?

I: Our new collection reflects the City environment, where downtown chic combines with an urban cool to create an accessible, yet definitively edgy collection. We believe it reflects Toronto in particular, where life is fast paced, and standing out is of great importance in our busy metropolis.


*Promo image, not to be used without permission

U: As a mother and son duo, how does the creative process come about between the two of you?

I: We come from the same school of thought, and a love of high-end fashion. However, we approach the subject from two different angles. We believe this dynamic allows us more insight in creating our pieces, where generational, gender, and social differences fuse together into a common vision. It’s interesting because we see the same end product, but with some differences in opinion, we are actually able to approach it from all possible angles, and this we believe allows for greater creativity.

U: What’s the inspiration behind the new collection?

I: With this collection, we were mostly inspired by Australian aboriginal art, and their use of colours to create various city and landscapes. Our love of the country and it's vibrant culture inspired us to utilise various earthy colours behind many aboriginal pieces, as well as utilising patterns used by the artists.


Tickets and passes can be purchased online at

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Inna Spring/Summer 2012
Wednesday, February 15, 2012 10:29 AM  | 0 Comments
With Spring a few short months away, we're getting ready to unleash some new collections for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. Toronto-based label, Inna, has unveiled their new line of Spring/Summer dresses, filled with simple and unique details for a fresh and stylish look. Each dress is designed with various details, from plastic stripes/straps, side pockets, open back and prints, giving each piece their own character.

The collection also includes two stand-out pieces of vinyl coats. With circular or geometric detailing, these large coats make a great statement piece and add that perfect colour piece for the season.

These pieces are now available for purchase here, along with the entire Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Previous season pieces are currently on sale.

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Inna: F/W 2011 Collection
Wednesday, November 30, 2011 9:54 AM  | 0 Comments
The Fall/Winter 2011 Collection from Inna features multiple combinations of materials used in each design. The use of tweed and leather detailing gives a modern and edgy look. There's also a fun element with the the use of pink trim and appliques in such designs as the White Boucle Coat and the White Dress. As the label continues to grow and the collections getting stronger each season, we can't wait to see what S/S 2012 brings.

Purchase the Inna F/W 2011 collection here, while previous collections are now on sale.

White Boucle Coat (Inna)

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New Arrivals: Inna arrives at Ukamaku
Wednesday, April 27, 2011 10:00 AM  | 0 Comments
It seems we never run out of new designers to feature. Just released online, Canadian designer Inna takes to Ukamaku a line of elegant and sharp designs for the Spring/Summer 2011 season. The mother and son team bring a unique collaboration with pieces designed to suit any setting. A mix of different tops, from a sequined dress, cocktail dresses, silk tops, and cotton blouses -- the line features various modern and sophisticated women's wear.

You can view and purchase the collection here.

White and Blue Sequined Dress (Inna)

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